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Expositions de photographies

Dans le cadre de la pratique de l’anglais en ouverture culturelle, Sylviane REBAUD donne un cours aux étudiants de 5è année sur la photographie et la civilisation américaine, à Villeurbanne et à Roanne. Découvrez le travail artistique de nos élèves ingénieurs à travers une exposition virtuelle.

Nous sommes heureux de vous présenter deux expositions de photographies : UrbanVSNature (Lyon) et Small & Big (Roanne)

UrbanVSNature | Site de Lyon

Introduction :
Pour vous, qu’est-ce que la photographie ? La capture d’un instant ? La transmission d’émotions ? Amateurs ou professionnels, vous avez déjà essayé de prendre ce coucher de soleil ou de faire rentrer toute votre famille dans le cadre. Et au bout du compte, malgré la grimace du petit dernier, la photo parvient à faire ressentir l’amour unissant votre famille. C’est ce qu’a voulu faire le groupe photo de Polytech autour du thème monde naturel / monde urbain. Interrogeant la place de la nature dans notre quotidien, il nous montre l’adaptation de la nature à l’intrusion de l’homme et comment l’équilibre entre les deux s’est créé.

Curator's statement :
As cave paintings remind us to this day, humankind has always used visuals as a way to preserve and record history, thus ensuring that what mattered to them was passed down to the generations to come. Some odd years later, in a more civilized world as one could say, we still have the same goal as those cavemen, but we more commonly take photos, instead, to make sense of the world we live in and prevent it from falling into oblivion.
In this exhibit, you will be taking part in the battle of the century: Nature vs City. How will it unfold? Who will stand at the top as our champion? It is up to us, up to you, to decide. In the meantime, these pictures are meant to help us grasp and cherish our world and start imagining how we should preserve it.

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Artistic statement :
Photography freezes a moment that perpetuates itself in our minds from our individual experiences. When we look at an image, we also tend to wonder how, why, when it was taken and which feelings the photographer wanted to convey.
We, Polytech Lyon senior year students, invite you to print your story onto this photo exhibit. Let your feelings tell you what you think about these pictures. You can take a break and let yourselves be surprised by the photographers' take on wilderness and civilization, freeze the moments to see what we tried to share, confront it with your experiences and ideas.
We sincerely hope that this exhibit lightens your day and that you can take a minute of calm and reflection.
We are so happy to have you here !

Small & Big | Site de Roanne

Introduction :
Nous sommes ravis de vous accueillir à notre galerie centrée autour du thème « Petit & Grand ». Dans cette exposition, nous mettrons en avant les travaux des étudiants de Polytech SIR 5A.

Curatorial statement :
The exhibit you are about to see shows how big and small sometimes echo each other, whether simply opposing two things - one big, one small - or bending minds by turning a small object into a big one - or the other way around. Small & Big is an exhibit grouping numerous photographs made by the most promising artists of Polytech Lyon, Roanne branch. Eleven students of the SIR course teamed up to show the influence of small on big and conversely. Every mind of this group has offered their vision of this daily-witnessed but seldom-noticed contrast in different environments, such as nature, cities, objects, animals, styles and colors.
This opposition can tell many stories, from the advent of mankind to such small and pure things as the birth of life.

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Artistic statement :
We, students of Polytech Roanne, are proud to present our vision of “Small and Big”.
In this exhibit, we let our creativity and imagination run free to uncover the beauty hiding in the contrast between big and small. This duality appears in our daily life, and each one of us newbie artist expressed it in his own way, from a father and his son to a microscopic portion of a giant lake, not to mention constructions and their small replicas.
This exhibit is the best of what Polytech Roanne can offer in terms of artistic photography.
Wonderful and creative minds have worked together to try and take you on a journey to discover beauty in Small and Big around you, wherever you are.

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