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medical device
medical device

The Master in Medical Device Engineering is a research-oriented program in the medical device field: equipment, software, implanted and connected. The program covers the entire medical device life cycle: development, production, regulatory affairs, commercialization and clinical use. The job opportunities are wide: the students can continue on a PhD, they can work in R&D in big companies or in SMB/SMI in the health industry.

The program starts in September for a duration of 1 year and delivers 60 ECTS credits.

Courses of the Medical Device Engineering master are provided by academics from research laboratories of the Université de Lyon and professionals from the medical device industry.


See the following table

Compulsory modules- 45 ECTS  

Basis of bibliography research project - 3 ECTS 

Health product regulation and innovation course - 3 ECTS 

Internship medical imaging signal systems - 30 ECTS 

Master thesis – 9 ECTS 


Optional modules: about 15 ECTS credits to choose from 

Focalized destruction of cancer - 3 ECTS 

Ionising Imaging - 3 ECTS 

Ultrasonic Imaging and Therapy - 3 ECTS 

Magnetic Resonance Imaging - 3 ECTS 

Segmentation and registration of medical images - 3 ECTS 

Machine Learning for medical image analysis - 3 ECTS 

Image reconstruction and inverse problems - 3 ECTS 

Imaging tissue characterization - introduction to radiomics - 3 ECTS 

Nanoscience and nanotechnologies - 3 ECTS 

Biomedical optics - 3 ECTS 

Devices for industrial analysis - 3 ECTS 

Sampling in industrial analysis - 3 ECTS 

Industrial strategy, innovation - 3 ECTS 

Fundamental of industrial automation - 3 ECTS 

Biomechanics of the locomotor system - ©MuSkLE - 6 ECTS 

Experimental and modeling bases in biomechanics - ©MuSkLE -6 ECTS 

Mechanical caracterisation and modelling of biological tissues - 3 ECTS 

Biomaterials - 3 ECTS 

Connected Medical Device - 3 ECTS 

Basis of physiology - 3 ECTS 

Biocompatibility - 3 ECTS 

Biomaterials and tissue repair - 3 ECTS 

Analytical electrochemistry, sensors, miniaturisation - 3 ECTS 

Assemblies for diagnostics, imaging and therapy - 3 ECTS 


Entry requirements: 

Students who have been awarded a 4-year degree at least, whether this is a 4-year bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree in the following fields:  

- physics 

- electronic engineering 

- biomedical engineering 

- mechanics 

- pharmacy 

- physiotherapy 

- materials 

- veterinary 

- physical and analytical chemistry 

- physiology 

Application session

01/04/2024 to 15/05/2024

Deadline to submit your application (completed)


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10/06/2024 to 13/06/2024

Admission results

20/06/2024 to 21/06/2024

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