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The Director’s Word

Polytech Lyon offers high school graduates a 5-year course of study. In their 3rd year, they are joined by students from preparatory classes or holding either a degree obtained after 2 years at a technical college (DUT, BTS) or a degree obtained after 3 years at university (Licence). The enrolment of the school is all the more diverse since it boasts students from close to 30 different countries.
Pascal Fournier, Director of Polytech Lyon

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The Polytech Network

In order to expand its economic and scientific activities, France will need more and more highly qualified engineers.To that end, the university-affiliated Polytech Engineering Schools have decided to go into partnership by creating the Polytech Network. Its thirteen components are state-schools whose diplomas are recognized by the Commission des titres d’ingénieur (CTI).

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Every year Polytech Lyon carries out a statistical survey of the newly graduated students’ employment by questioning them on graduation day, at the end of November. Since more than 90% of them attend the ceremony, this first picture provides a very reliable indication of their «instantaneous» rate of employment, i.e. two months after the end of their final year.

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