PeiP2 Post PACES

Polytech Network’s program

Since 2010, Polytech Lyon has offered a two-year preparatory curriculum (PeiP-Polytech engineering schools program) entitling students to admission to one of the 16 schools of the Polytech Network; this program is intended for high school students majoring in science and passing the Geipi Polytech competitive exam on the year they graduate.

Since 2012, Polytech Lyon has given 24 medical students having scored 50% minimum over the first year of the medical core curriculum (PACES) -but not admitted to its 2nd year - the opportunity to enter Polytech PeiP curriculum directly in second year. Their group, which benefits from a specific program, have a choice between the 85 engineering specialties of the Polytech Network (see spécialités),under the same terms as students having followed the full PeiP program.

The above-mentioned specific preparatory curriculum, hereafter referred to as PeiP2 Post PACES,consists of:

- adjustment to mathematical and physical methods
- a fall semester consisting of:
  • Mathematics (12 ECTS i.e. 120 hours)
  • Physics (12 ECTS i.e. 120 hours)
  • Cross-disciplinary teaching modules with regular PeiP2 students (6 ECTS i.e. 60 hours)
- a spring semester consisting of:
  • Mathematics (6 ECTS i.e. 60 hours)
  • Physics (12 ECTS i.e. 120 hours)
  • Computer Science (6 ECTS i.e. 60 hours)
  • Cross-displinary teaching modules with regular PeiP2 students (6 ECTS i.e. 60 hours)

Admission arrangements

There are two options, depending on your home university:

1. Competitive exam for UCBL students:

PACES students at UCBL (Claude Bernard University Lyon1) are offered 24 places in the competition.The selection of applicants is based on their application files( high school diploma, PACES transcripts, résumé, letter of motivation) and an interview.
To register, go to:
There is no entry fee.

Key dates
  • Avril to June: download application file from CIELL2 site
  • July: deadline for returning paper files to Polytech Lyon’s Student Affairs Office.
  • July: eligibility results
  • July: interviews of eligible students
  • July: results of the admission process
  • July: deadline for accepting the places offered.
2. Sudents registered at a University other than UCBL

PACES students of a university other than UCBL may fill the vacancies left by local competitors. Unless you hold a scholarship from the French government, the entry fee is 70 €. In order to apply see Polytech Network.



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