In a nutshell

Ever since it was first created under the name ISTIL, Polytech Lyon has built up international relations and forged close links with a number of educational institutions around the world, essentially in Europe , America and Asia. As part of Claude Bernard University Lyon1 (UCBL), our students may take advantage of its various international mobility agreements, which not only enable them to study or carry out internships abroad but also make it possible for foreign students to study or do an internship in France, as part of their training.

Polytech Lyon expects its students to fully benefit from exposure to a foreign environment resulting from its international policy. The same holds true for those foreign exchange students spending some time at Polytech Lyon in the best possible conditions (information, syllabus, administrative support,..).

If you are a student at Polytech Lyon, please refer to tabs Going abroad and Double diploma. Find out the 92 available destinations.
If you are a foreign student and you wish to attend PolytechLyon as a regular or exchange student, please refer to tabs Incoming students and Double diploma.

A Few Figures

  • 92 exchange agreements
  • In the 2011-2012 academic year, 12% of a class of 550 engineering students were foreigners, among whom 12 were exchange students
  • In the same year, 20% of our students had gained some international experience by studying or doing internships abroad