The School’s councils

The School is governed by a Board of Trustees and managed by a Director, as provided for by article L713-9 of the Education Code.
Besides the Administration of the School relies on a Student Life and Learning Council as well as on six Department Councils.
The implementation of the education programs is handled by a Deputy Director, appointed by the Director of the School.

The Board of Trustees

The 30-member Board of Trustees determines the goals and strategic direction of the School. Its members include 15 elected members. The other 15 members include key figures of the outside world.

The elected members belong to 4 different electoral colleges: colleges A and B of faculty members (or equivalent), the BIATOSS college of technical and administrative staff members (or equivalent) and the students’ college. The breakdown is as follows:

  • College A (professors and equivalent) : 5 seats
  • College B (other members of the teaching staff) : 5 seats
  • BIATOSS College: 2 seats
  • College of students: 3 seats
Members of the first 3 colleges are elected for a 4-year term while students are only elected for a 2 year-term.

The college of external key figures is composed of:
  • 4 representatives of the following regional communities: Conseil Régional Rhône-Alpes, Conseil Général du Rhône, Grand Lyon, Grand Roanne,
  • 1 representative of some employers’association,
  • 1 representative of some representative labor union,
  • 2 representatives of the Chambers of Commerce of Lyon and Roanne (one each),
  • 6 additional trustees representing business and industry enterprises are appointed by the Board, in their private capacity ,in view of their activities and skills,
  • the representative of the Association of Alumni.

The Student Life and Learning Council

This is the body which assesses the curricula offered by the School, makes sure that its training is suitable and consistent and that it adequately meets the future needs of the economy and society. It is composed of:

  • 10 faculty members,
  • 2 BIATOSS representatives,
  • 7 students,
  • 5 external members.

The Department Councils

It is their responsibility to make sure that the curricula offered are in keeping with the needs of the economic world and with the tehnical and organizational evolutions of enterprises.They are made up of:

  • The Head of the Department
  • 3 representatives of the department's teaching staff
  • 3 representatives of the students
  • 3 external members