A 5-year program that can be entered at 2 different levels

The training in all schools of the Polytech Network follow the same pattern. Students may enter Polytech Lyon just after graduating from high school on condition they pass the Concours Geipi Polytech competitive exam. They first undergo preparatory training le Parcours des écoles d'ingénieurs Polytech (PeiP), after which they choose a specialty in the school or in another school of the network.

At this point,they are joined by students from preparatory classes for the so-called grandes écoles who have passed the concours Polytech competitive exam and by holders of 2 to 3-year higher education degrees (DUT, BTS, Licence).
The school also accepts foreign students whose selection is based on their application files.
Those students who have validated 4 to 5-year higher education curricula may be admitted to the program, directly in 4th year.


Recruitment 2013

Download the 2013 recruitment information.