The graduates in Applied Mathematics and Modeling have the specific skills needed to mathematically model complex problems. They are fully conversant with the theoretical aspects of such models and are able to develop numerical schemes and compute their solutions.

Graduates in Mechanics may specialize in fluid mechanics,energy management or in solid mechanics and structural mechanics.In all circumstances, they master the design of products or systems using modeling and computation.

Materials Science is approached mainly through the study of science surface:properties, processing and modification.Computer aided design (CAD) and modeling are part of the skills to be acquired.

The Industrial Engineering program is delivered in Roanne. It trains process engineers with multidisciplinary skills in production management, quality check, management, economics and law.

Engineers in Computer Science design and develop operating systems, manage data bases and master information technologies.

The department of Biomedical Engineering trains engineers able to design , conduct and monitor the investment and maintenance policy of health care establishments on biomedical equipment. They may also contribute to the development of new biomedical devices.