Department of Industrial Engineering


Polytech Lyon aims at training and graduating experts in industrial engineering, with multifaceted technical skills in a variety of fields such as mechanics, electronics, automatics, numerical techniques, let alone production management, quality control, economy and law, besides being attuned to industrial production problems.In order to survive in an increasingly competitive world market, companies need to boost their productivity, improve the quality of their products or services,and reduce costs.If it has to address such a challenge,a company, industry or institution- whether involved in manufacturing or service provision- may take advantage of the expertise of industrial engineers.

The 3 year training course is delivered at Roanne.

An industrial systems engineer not only has a sense of innovation and coordination but is also a methods expert who seeks ways to save his company time, money, raw materials, energy and other resources.

A PolytechLyon industrial systems engineer is able to develop, operate and optimize automated systems (production, logistics chain),

  • He knows how to investigate, organize and manage tool operation and workflows
  • He masters quality check tools
  • He knows how to run a quality assurance program
  • He is proficient in writing technical papers
  • He is familiar with labour regulations and their implementation
  • He has the know-how needed for the organization of maintenance
  • He is acquainted with the tools of technology intelligence

Robotics challenge

Business sectors and opportunities

Our graduates work for companies which fall into various sectors such as machinery manufacturing, computer services, IT services ,engineering , research and development.

Research partnerships

  • Technion-Haïfa - Israël. industrial process control
  • Utica university at Monastir, Tunisia, technical textiles


Head of the Department of Industrial Engineering