Exchange programs

Students from partner universities of Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 may apply to spend one or two semesters at Polytech Lyon. Students interested in applying should contact the International Office at their home institution (for application forms and deadlines, etc...). The International Office will send your application to the International Office at Université Claude Bernard Lyon I that will further contact Polytech Lyon 1 for approval.

Prior to your arrival, you will need to define a course programme that is validated by your study department at home and the local academic advisor. (please note this course programme may require some adjustments when you arrive, depending on open courses/pre-requisites for a course.)

At the end of your stay, Polytech Lyon will edit a transcript, in order to transfer the credits to your home institution. Polytech Lyon does not award degrees to exchange students.

Language requirements :

The level required in French is B2 according to the Common European Framework Reference for Language.

Courses are taught mainly in French.

For more information on courses given in English, please click here.

 Academic Calendar :

- 1st semester: September - January
- 2nd semester: end of January – June

 Deadlines for applications :

- 1st semester: end of May
- 2nd semester: mid-October

To download the english brochure, click here.
To download the Polytech Fact Sheet, click here.

 Testimonies of Tingyou and Shì-háo, students of National United University (Taiwan) :

"Hi everyone I'm Tingyou. Before I came to France, I was a bit worried about how to adapt to the brand new teaching environment. However, I found out the students in Polytech Lyon are so friendly and willing to learn Chinese. I have so much fun and awesome experience with them. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to do an internship here !"

"Hey, everybody. My name is shì-háo This was my first time in Europe to teach Chinese. I've experienced a lot of different cultures and gained very interesting experiences. The Polytech students impressed me : they have always courage to ask questions and are passionate about learning Chinese. It's an exciting thing for Chinese teachers. We enjoy sharing all Asian cultures to all students. I hope one day you'll all be able to join our class and experience Chinese culture with us !"


International Office

  • Prof. Didier LEONARD - Executive Director
  • Bénédicte MARTI - Assistant
Tel. : +33 (0)4 26 23 71 40

15, boulevard André Latarjet