About us

Polytech Lyon is a part of Claude Bernard University Lyon 1

Claude Bernard University Lyon 1, hereafter referred to, as UCBL is committed to the scientific and medical education of some 35 000 students, 650 of whom follow one of the 5-year curricula offered by the 6 departments of Polytech Lyon, i.e.:

Besides, a Master’s degree in Computer Science can be obtained via distance education and two courses of study are offered which lead to a Master’s degree in Health Engineering.
In line with the Polytech Network’s policy, admission to Polytech Lyon can be gained either immediately after high school by students pursuing the so-called PeiP preparatory studies (60 students did so in 2011) or two years later by students of preparatory classes sitting the Archimedes competitive examination but also according to qualifications by students holding two or three year degrees such as a licence, a DUT or a BTS. .


Polytech Lyon has always been on the move since it was set up by UCBL in 1992.

1992: UCBL established an engineering school and appointed seasoned faculty members to the so-called Institut des Sciences et Techniques de l’Ingénieur de Lyon (ISTIL).The main goal was to break down the walls dividing academia essentially focusing on research and industry grappling with the realities of economy. ISTIL was therefore meant to meet the expectations of industry and within this framework, offered 4 curricula: Materials and Interfaces, Mechanical Engineering, Modeling and Statistics , Production Engineering.

1999: ISTIL asserted itself by creating its logo, whose 4 arches represented the four curricula. With the support of UCBL and the apprenticeship tax paid by industry, new modern looking premises were built at the entrance of the La Doua campus, whose two upper floors housed new CNRS affiliated laboratories. The Production Engineering curriculum was relocated to Roanne in partnership with local industrialists and elected representatives. ISTIL joined the R2A (Rhône-Alpes/Auvergne) network of engineering schools under the aegis of public universities. It forged ties with several North American universities, thus significantly improving its international profile.

2000: The School started recruiting students from preparatory classes through the Archimedes competitive examination.

2008: ISTIL broadened the spectrum ot its educational activities : two new curricula were offered in Biomedical Engineering and Computer Science.

2009: ISTIL was granted Ecole Polytechnique Universitaire status. As a result of the quality control procedure initiated in 2007, the school was granted ISO 9001 certification for all its curricula.

2012: ISTIL-EPU became Polytech Lyon, the 13th school of the Polytech Network.