Language Teaching

Language teaching at Polytech Lyon offers a number of significant advantages:

  • Small classes of 20 people of a similar level, enabling teachers to adjust to their command of the language, thus making it easier for students to improve.Students who are reluctant to express themselves in public feel more confortable in front of a small group
  • A significant number of periods: 90hours of English and 30hours of a second foreign language (LV2) in first year, 30hours of English and 30 hours of LV2 in second year, 30 hours of English and 30 hours of LV2 in third year
  • A variety of second languages are taught at Polytech itself: Spanish, German, Italian, French as a foreign language (FLE). Students having taken other languages at high school or wanting to go to China or Brazil can enrol at INSA Lyon, located nextdoors, free of charge:courses are paid for by Polytech
  • Students whose command of English is poor still stand a very good chance of scoring the 785 minimum required for the TOEIC and therefore to be selected for an internship or for a one-year course of study abroad. Instead of taking a second foreign language such students are offered remedial English classes. Students enrolled in the remedial English classes are offered free access to the Tell Me More Campus software, thus making it possible for them, with the help of their teacher, to study English both independently and entertainingly
  • The very first registration fees for the TOEIC test are paid for by Polytech Lyon, as well as for the TOEFL test when taken by students aiming at pursuing their education in the USA or in Ontario
  • All classes are equipped with a TV set, a videoprojector, a DVD and CD player. Students can therefore make Powerpoint presentations, study audiovisual documents and discuss their contents
  • Classes in conversational foreign languages are taught by native speakers on a voluntary basis
  • The foreign languages syllabus is available on Internet


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