Department of Materials Science


Our department which specializes in Materials Science and Surface Engineering (MIS) aims at training and graduating engineers able to handle research, development and production industrial projects in the field of new materials and/or multimaterials.This area requires a very broad spectrum of scientific and managerial skills due to the diversity of such materials and their sought-after properties and due the processing and analysis techniques.

The specificity of our program lies in its inclusiveness:

  • surfaces and interfaces (surface characterization and modification, multimaterial assemblies),
  • materials processing,
  • numerical simulation (finite element analysis of properties and processes, 3D design).

Such a «materials chain» approach is tailored to closely fit with the quality programs of companies.

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Business sectors and opportunities

Our program offers opportunities in all areas of the materials chain (development/synthesis,microstructure, properties) with special emphasis on surfaces and interfaces.The targeted industrial sectors are therefore those involved in surface treatment, bonding/adhesion processes, surface contamination, interfaces and properties of multimaterials or composites.

A few industrial sectors concerned:

Nuclear energy (EDF,AREVA), the automotive industry (PSA, Renault, ..), aeronautics (EADS, Eurocopter,..),equipment manufacturing (Valeo, Magneti Marelli,..),the coatings industry (TEFAL),the manufacturing of components (ST Microelectronics, Alstom,..), biomaterials and health care(BD, Covidien, Medical Group,..), luxury goods (ROLEX, PATEK Philippe, ...)

Research Partnerships

The training of our students is provided by UCBL faculty members and researchers affiliated with various laboratories of UCBL (ISA,IMP,LPCML,LPMCN) and by faculty members of schools offering Materials Science curricula such as INSA Lyon, EC Lyon and CPE.

Our engineering students carry out projects or internships in laboratories which are partners of Polytech Lyon,and, upon graduation, are qualified to prepare a PhD thesis (Lyon Chemistry or Materials Science Doctoral programs ), in particular in an industrial environment with a CIFRE scholarship support.

Those of them who wish to enrol in a doctoral program may follow an in-depth research curriculum leading to a double diploma (Polytech Lyon engineering degree and Lyon Master in Materials Science).

We enjoy a special partnership with the US National Institute of Science and Technology ( NIST) which offers research internships- that can be extended by several years-and with Canadian research institutes (IMI).

Industrial Partnerships

Our industrial partners are integral parties to our program.They participate in the teaching, they offer internships to the students and assign them projects, thus allowing for their awareness of the professional world.

Carrying out an internship in an industrial workplace is part of each student’s curriculum.


Head of the Materials Department
Laurent DAVID