Department of Mechanics


Polytech aims at training and graduating mechanical engineers able to handle the organizational, economic, financial, human and technical aspects of a project lying within their specialty area. A mechanical engineer is indeed involved in a broad spectrum of activities, which vary, depending upon the nature of his company and his position within it: they range from the design and development of tools, spare parts, engines, mechanical machinery to the manufacture of everyday products such as transportation equipment, consumer goods, capital goods and household appliances.

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When designing ever more advanced machinery and technological processes, a mechanical engineer, besides being creative, needs to be concerned about economy and cost-effectiveness, with due regard to the environment. Polytech lyon mechanical engineers are qualified to design and model mechanical systems right from the drafting of specifications and to handle associated problems within the fields of hydrodynamics, vibrations, control and materials science.
He masters the use of the main numerical computation softwares and his expertise in robotics, automatics and computer science enables him to run a project in mechatronics. He is familiar with the numerical methods which are being used increasingly for the synthesis and optimization work and for the consideration of uncertainties.
At the crossroads of all industrial sectors, a mechanical engineer should have a bent for decision-making and team work, whatever his position and his business line (production, maintenance, sales department, project management, administration).

Business sectors and opportunities

Our graduates work for companies of the energy, transportation and machinery manufacturing sectors, in such departments as: research and development, design and engineering, production, maintenance and testing.

Research partnerships

The training of students is provided by UCBL faculty members and researchers affiliated with various UCBL laboratories (LMFA, IFSTTAR, Labtau) and by faculty members of Ecole Centrale de Lyon. Our engineering students carry out projects or internships in laboratories which are partners of Polytech Lyon. Upon graduation, they are qualified to prepare a PhD thesis and those of them who wish to enrol in a doctoral program may, in their fifth and final year, follow an in-depth research oriented curriculum leading to a double diploma (Polytech Lyon’s engineering degree and UCBL’s M.E.G.A. Master).

Industrial partnerships

  • Renault Trucks, Areva, EDF, Eurocopter, Airbus


Head of hte Department of Mechanics