The Health Engineering Master’s tracks (2nd year)

Master 2

Polytech Lyon’s Biomedical Department offers 2 training options which are open to students holding part M1 of a French Master’s degree, to engineering students wanting to obtain a double diploma in parallel with their engineer’s degree, at the end of their final year. These programs are also designed for students holding an engineering degree or health profession students having successfully completed the 1rst year of a Master in Biomedical Research and seeking to specialize in the health and drug technologies’ area. The above mentioned options are the following (coordinator: Emmanuel PERRIN):

Biomedical and pharmaceutical engineering
(coordinator: Stéphanie BRIANCON); this research-oriented program also accredited by Ecole Centrale Lyon aims at training students specializing in applied research geared towards health and drug technologies with a view to preparing a PhD or seeking employment in an R&D department focusing on health technology or industrial pharmacy .Under this program, three different educational paths are offered:

Regulatory requirements for medical facilities (coordinator Daniel HARTMANN); this profession-oriented program jointly set up by Polytech Lyon and the Lyon School of Pharmacy, is aimed at engineering students having completed the first year of a Master of Science who wish to specialize in the management of medical devices along with the involved regulations and quality approach.This particular specialization is also made available to people already engaged in professional life and wanting to get ahead in or move towards this sector through continuing education or validation of prior experience programs.
Description of the training

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