Master of research Medical Imaging, Signal and System

The Master MISS is a research focused Masters degree (parcours de master 2) co-habilitated with "l’Ecole Centrale de Lyon". It covers various aspects of medical devices, in particular, methods, instrumentation, analysis and processing for medical imaging and home care systems. Our graduates typically progress to PhD program in medical device and biomedical engineering, R&D in industry or innovative SME/start up in health technologies industry.

The program covers all forms of ionising and non-ionising imaging and instrumentation used in medicine, the different aspects of image and data analysis and reconstruction and artificial intelligence based approaches.

Program start in September for a duration of 1 year and for 60 credits.
Lecturers of master MISS are from research labs and university hospital (HCL) of the Université de Lyon (CREATIS, LabTAu, CARMEN, CRNL, INL, …).


Compulsory modules : 48 credits

- Research internship : 6 months in research laboratory or industry (R&D), in France or abroad.
- Basis of Bibliography - research project 
- Regulatory Affairs for Innovative Health Products 
- Innovation and Industrial Property 
- Ionising Imaging 
- Ultrasonic Imaging and Therapy 
- MRI and Optics Imaging 
- Scientific Communication English

Optional modules : 12 credits

Students choose four optional modules from the following :
- Machine Learning for Medical Image Analysis 
- Filtering Segmentation and Registration of Medical Images 
- Image Reconstruction and Inverse Problems
- Basis of Physiology 
- Imaging Tissue Characterization – Introduction to Radiomics 
- Connected Medical Devices 

Or from modules of master COPS :
- Biomaterials
- Biocompatibilty
- Focalized destruction of cancer
- …


Entry requirements :

Bachelor degree, Master degree or equivalent qualification corresponding to a least 4 years in higher education (240 credits) in the fields of :

- Physics
- Biomedical engineering
- Physiology
- Electrictal engineering
- Medical studies
- ...

For EU residents and residents from a country outside Campus France :

Applications on ecandidat - rubric "Master 2 Imagerie Médicale Signal et Système - MISS"
from 117 march 2022 to 17 june 2022
interview by the end of june 2022

For residents of a "campus france country" :

"Etudes en France" 

► Application for the academic excellence scholarship of Labex PRIMES | Deadline on 31 march 2022

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